About Us

Radmadman Designs T-shirts are created with an artistic, bright, cool, cute, and fun cartoonish flair. Great for beach, festival, and summer fashions for both men and women.

We are three lost souls traveling on the road of life who crossed paths along the journey. We came from various backgrounds. We all came to life during the 60's from a rigid and strict environment. We have now crossed over the path into a life where we are free to express love without boundaries. The love we express is not bound by the judgement of others. We express our love and freedom through the art we create. We love the bright, psychedelic colors, music, sights, and sounds of the 60's. When you were free to express yourself without being judged, manipulated, or forced into the wills of those around you. 

These works of art created are a little glimpse into our lives and the process we used to come through our tortured past. We have shared our perspectives through the characters we create. We are hopeful you will also escape from your own distractions and allow yourselves to feel truly free without any boundaries. Enjoy each character we create and pass it onto others to find joy, peace, and happiness. For that was truly the message of the sixties.  

My hope is that you will join in with the Radmadman Designs team and enjoy each hand designed T shirts, share them with family, and friends to help fight off the darkness that is all around us.